Web Design

The Goal is not to Build a website, Our goal is to Grow your business.

Content Management Services CMS

All your Content and updates in secured professional hands. Your website stays up to date.


Good deals from HP, Dell and Cisco with Recycle possibilities on all hardware where applicable.

Web Design

Website Design is the core of your online presence.

Website Design is the core of your online presence.

  • Give you the web presence that sells Your Business
  • Improve your professional image.
  • Provide a great online user experience.
  • Let you focus on your business.

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Consultation & Strategy

Every website is tailor-made to suit the purpose of creating it.

So, spend time to discuss with our clients and make sure we are on the same page then, we go ahead with strategies that will make it a reality.


Design is where the magic begins.

From the layout design that has to be strategically placed to get the right audience to the placement of contents that will attract the targeted audience.

Everything is intentionally done as part of the design stage


At this stage the Framework come together and we are putting live into the template that was agreed on from the design stage.

This is a really awesome stage in website design.

Validations & Go LIVE !

We will do all the tests and validations to ensure all expectations are met. We have site testers that will review the site and after all is done. Your project goes LIVE !

Content Management Services CMS

After your project is launched, CMS keeps your site refreshed.

Constant updates are required.to ensure that the website does what it has been designed to do.

That is where our CMS team come in. We handle all your updates so you have one less thing to worry about. So your website stays refreshed at all times.

Easy Workflow

Designation of roles. Keeps the work moving

We can handle the content management of your website while you face other more serious challenges as you grow and maintain your business online and  offline.


Web security is not fully guaranteed, with all the bugs and vulnerabilities online.

Our dedicated CMS team will be vigilant of any vulnerabilities, so any problems will be dealt with.

Problems with most systems happen when users don’t update the software or additional plugins, but frequent maintenance will ensure you stay secure.

Data Analysis

With an experienced content management, data analysis o your website will be a breeze.

You will up to date information on traffic to your site, and the breakdown of region and so on.


We have special deals with HP, Dell and Cisco.

What can go wrong with IT hardware Purchase?

With all the hassles of compatibility and mixed up functionalities.

Professionalism is required when acquiring IT hardware and software to ensure that your purchase will be put to good use.

We can Handle that with a breeze with good deals from Cisco, Dell and HP.


We will purchase all your IT needs and give warranties on their durability as they will be coming directly from the manufacturers. No middle man no store bought purchase.

Let’s give it a go!


We will install all procurement and ensure that they are ready or use.

Some clients require users to be trained after installation. we see that as part of installation and will cost no additional fee.


Maintenance is very vital to make sure your software are up to date and functioning as expected.

We also offer hardware recycling where applicable. This helps client to save on upgrades and keep their storage free of abandoned / outdated  hardware.

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